01 Poonam Plaza
02 Poonam Chambers
03 Poonam Towers
04 Poonam Arcade
05 Poonam Mall Wardhaman Nagar
01 Poonam Pride
02 Poonam Apartment
03 Poonam Height
04 Poonam Vihar I
05 Poonam Vihar II
06 Poonam Aishwariya
Situated in the heart of Nagpur, one of the prime localities known as Sadar, which offers a wide gamut of shopping area, schools, restaurants, theatres, and bazar. It is 8 min from Railway Station and has a big foot fall of shoppers which is best suited for retail outlet.
It is occupied with the branded showrooms like: NIKE, ADIDAS, Reliance Communications etc.