01 Poonam Plaza
02 Poonam Chambers
03 Poonam Towers
04 Poonam Arcade
05 Poonam Mall Wardhaman Nagar
01 Poonam Pride
02 Poonam Apartment
03 Poonam Height
04 Poonam Vihar I
05 Poonam Vihar II
06 Poonam Aishwariya

With this project the N Kumar Group pioneered Individual Bungalow condominiums in Nagpur. Experience the highs of living in at 'Poonam Aishwariya', Edapally. Tower over your contemporaries with a chic and spacious 3 bedroom apartment replete with high-end luxuries and amenities. It is the most sought after property in the city with each bungalow constructed over a 3000 plus square feet plot with independent parking, garden& terrace. Intelligently designed for maximum natural lighting, and smooth inflow and outflow of fresh air, the 'Poonam Aishwariya', promises you a brighter, healthier living ambience. Aishwarya boasts of facilities like a state-of-the-art health club, posh leading pavements, gigantic entrance gates and a round-the-clock professional security. It is located in the lush green locality of Bhyramji Town. It is near to Poonam Chambers, Nagpur's first Mall.