01 Poonam Plaza
02 Poonam Chambers
03 Poonam Towers
04 Poonam Arcade
05 Poonam Mall Wardhaman Nagar
01 Poonam Pride
02 Poonam Apartment
03 Poonam Height
04 Poonam Vihar I & II
05 Poonam Aishwariya

Poonam Chambers is proud to be Nagpur's first Mall and Commercial centre. It houses more than 50 national and international brands. Construction technology has come a long way and we exploit it to the full, to make life so much easier, better and safer. For instance, we have taken every care to see that our buildings are made earthquake-resistant. It consists of 4 exquisite towers of 6 floors each, making a delightful and grand elevation.

It houses various brands like Liberty, TBZ, CCD, Kutons, Poonam Super Bazaar, Zara, Reliance Communications etc. It also includes restaurants and entertainment zone for kids.
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